A very short on Ironik

Ironik is a method to register spoken Persian and some other languages after some simplification based on Petskurni. In this method we have 4 labial (p, b, f, v), 2 dental (t, d) , 4 avoelar (s, z, ʃ, ʒ), 4 glottal (k, g, x, G), 3 liquid (l, r, j), 2 nasal (m, n), 6 vowels (æ, e, o, a:, i:, u:) and 2 quasi-vowels (h,?).

In Ironik, since it is based on Petskurni simplification theory, tʃ and dʒ in Persian phonology are simplified as t+ʃ and d+ʒ, respectively.

It is believed that since in Persian phonology we have 6 vowels and 23 consonants which two of those are believed to be compound/impure consonants (namely tʃ and dʒ) and another is stop/zero consonant, which is represented by

if we reduce 23+6 by 2+1 we would have 26 sound in Ironik phonology which it is believed that, since the numerical equivalence, Latin alphabet should be perfectly suitable for Ironik/Persian.

IPA Ironik
p p
b b
f f
v v
t t
d d
s s
z z
ʃ c
ʒ j
k k
g g
x x
G q
l l
r r
j y
m m
n n
æ a
e e
o u
a: o
i: i
u: w
h h
? '

Some may find out very quick by comparison of the way Ironik writes some known word. Following for example we provide you by the Perso Arabic alphabet letter names writen in Ironik…

Alef, Be, Pe, Te, Se,
Djim, Tce, He, Xe,
Dol, Zol, Re, Ze, Je,
Sin, Cin, Sod, Zod,
To, Zo, ‘Eyn, Qeyn,
Fe, Qof, Kof, Gof,
Lom, Mim, Nwn,
Vov, He,Ye.

And also provide you by English alphabet names.

Ey, Bi, Si, Di, I, Ef, Dji,
Etc, Oy, Djey, Key,
El, Em, En, Uw, Pi,
Qiyw, Or, Es, Ti, Yw, Vi,
Dabelyw, Iks, Voy, and Zi.

for more comparison between Perso-Arabic, Ironik, and Eronik, see the following table.

فارسی-عربی ایرانيک Ironik pers-u-arabik
ء – ع – الف ' a اَ – ـَ
ب b b ب
پ p c ش
ت – ط t d د
ث – س – ص s e اِ – ـِ
ج dj f ف
چ tc g گ
ح – ه h h ه – ح
خ x i ئی – ای
د d j ژ
ذ – ز – ض – ظ z k ک
ر r l ل
ژ j m م
ش c n ن
غ – ق q o آ – ـٰ
ف f p پ
ک k q غ – ق
گ g r ر
ل l s ث – س – ص
م m t ت – ط -ة
ن n u اُ – ـُ
و v v و – ڤ
يـ – ی y w ئو – او
اَ – ـَ a x خ
اِ – ـِ e y يـ – ی
اُ – ـُ u z ز – ذ – ض – ظ
آ – ـٰ o ' ء – ع – الف
ئی – ای i dj ج
ئو – او w tc چ

baroye ettelo’ot-e bictar murodje’e kunid be:

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